Saturday, 20 March 2010

martial intent...

Have we got it?

To be honest I'm not certain...truly some within the club do exhibit this trait, but as for the rest of us? This video got me wondering:

After watching this I'm wondering if we are not pushing ourselves enough? Maybe this isn't for all of us...or is it? When we attend do we wish our proficiency to be perceived?

Monday, 1 March 2010

Further thoughts on Prizing and Ranks

If you play for a prize, as we have already discussed, what happens if you win? Well, to be fair not much in the IDC...what will happen is that the group will know that you are capable of challenging the crew and holding the field against all comers. For that you will be awarded a length of ribbon that you can attach to your gear to mark your success.

Number of prizes played:
single prizes = white
multiples of five = black
multiples of ten = green

On this theme, winning an IDC tourney:
single wins = purple

Finally, if you fight a Martial Challenge you can add a red ribbon.