Monday, 1 February 2010

Elements of the Bolognese School

* Cuts (Tagli)
o Mandritto: This is a cutting attack from the right side it is a forehand cut, i.e. from right to left (assuming a right handed fencer) (Mandritto Traversato: A Mandritto cut diagonally or nearly horizontally across the target.)
o Riverso: This is a cutting attack from the left side it is a backhand cut, i.e. from left to right
o Fendente: This is a vertical descending cut
o Squalembrato: This is a descending cutting attack that falls at an angle rather than vertically typically making contact on the adversary's shoulder.
o Tondo: This is a horizontal cutting attack
o Falso: This is a false edge cutting attack (Falso Impuntato/Impuntato Falso: A Falso cut delivered with a thrusting component.)
o Ridoppio: a rising cut made with the true edge
o Montante: This is a rising vertical cut with the true edge
o (S)Tramazzone: This is a downward right-hand cutting attack
o Molinetto: This is a cutting change-in-line attack by bringing the weapon first down and back and then up high, resembles a "windmill" motion.

* Thrusts (Punti)
o Stoccata (also, Punta Sottomano): A thrust under the adversary’s sword-arm, from the low right-hand side.
o Imbroccata (also, Punta Sopramano): a downward thrust over the opponent's rapier. In preparation for an Imbroccata the arm is held vertically with the palm to the right and the rapier angled down at the opponent's face
o Punta Riversa: an angled attack to the opponent’s right, palm up
o Punta Dritta: A thrust from the right-hand side, palm down

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