Wednesday, 6 October 2010

an important thought

Wise words from HEMAboy:

"...Blunt steel is not the same as sharp steel. The very thing that makes it safer than sharp steel changes the way it reacts to impact and pressure.

Shinai aren't perfect, wooden wasters aren't perfect, nylon wasters aren't perfect and blunt steel isn't perfect.

Live with it.

Train with the lot and accept whatever compromise you have to make. Just stop pretending that because you use steel you are more of a martial artist than people who happily train with any material.

You aren't.

Incidentally, it may be worth mentioning that a tournament competitior was hospitalised recently after a steel weapon snapped and ended up in his chest.

Steel breaks. Bend it enough and it will snap. The problem is no-one knows how many times "enough" is. Steel is inherently more dangerous than the alternatives.

Now I'd like to direct you to the post entitled:

“There is no point in arguing”

Stop pretending that using only steel shows you've got massive balls. It just makes you look like a twat..."

Just thought that ought to get out there.

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