Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I thought we might need more of this

All we need is a suitable version and we could be training with this.
Dusack 1
Dusack 2
Messer 1
Messer 2 (a bit of lighthearted fun)


  1. I've been contemplating getting a quote from Paul B on wooden messer/dussack simulators, although that would be a bit much for sparring. If only the Knight Shop hadn't stopped offering their nylon ones.

    Leather dussacks are Purpleheart or although I don't know if the second link people still offer them.

  2. I have a suitable Dussack pattern...I just need leather.

  3. I have leather, but little will to do anything with it... A little under a half side of c.2mm (I think) veg tan.

  4. That ought to work...would you like the pattern?

  5. New 'toys' are always interesting. :-)

  6. Cheers for the patterns Johann. It does look like mine may be too thin, and I'm worried about how glueing it all might affect it in terms of stiffness. Alternate plans - back of head protection (possibly via abuse of Lizzy's quilt-friendly sewing machine to make padding) or an apron. Or leave it rolled up in the closet.