Monday, 30 January 2012

Uniforms redux....or maybe a rant/wibble.

Sigh...I should like to go on record as saying that the HEMA/WMA uniform that is widely (though not wholly) adopted, is a really good thing. This "look", if you will, which might be best described as that of the "bad ass fencer" (ie. standard fencing kit...but in black), is the best thing for our little community and its growth. Sport/olympic fencing has a positive and respectable reputation in the minds of the public...and since we are fencers of a sort it only makes sense that we ought to adopt this traditional uniform.

To not do so would seem rather odd to those outside of our art.

However, while this is the uniform I wear...and will continue to do so (quite proudly I cut quite a dashing figure). There are times when I long for some historical kit. What I think I need is something like Sweden's "Living HEMA organization.

Perhaps that super secret UK "living HEMA" group will one day see the light of can but dream.

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  1. I can only say that I completely agree with you here (and it's true too)!